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Below are the results of the 2 MRI's I've had done can anyone help me out with what you think should or could be done. My neuro dr. has been treating me now for over a year and I'm still having pain and other problems that made me go to her in the first place. I have tingling in face, and hands. Upper right arm pain and shoulder pain. Also, at times my head tilts to the right so bad that it is almost touching my shoulder. I am on lyrica, muscle relaxers, motrin, for the past year and I just started taking celebrex this past week. I wake up with headaches and have trouble with sleeping because if I lay flat that is when I get the headache's and I wind up usually with my arms over my head so the tingling in my hands will wake me up. If I sleep on my right side the arm and neck pain gets worse and on my left side it makes the right side lean and that hurts. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. I am getting ready to go for a second opinion but thought maybe some here could also help me.
Thank you....

12/05 At C4/5 There is a spondylotic disc bulge. There is bilateral facet hypertrophy and narrowing of the central canal. There is some encroachment of the bilateral neural foramina.

1/07 At C4-5, there is a disc ridge complex. This narrows the central canal as was noted on the prior study of 12/24/05. There is associated bilateral facet hypertrophy. Overall the degree of stenosis is not significantly changed since the prior study.

12/05 At C5/6 there is a central to left paracentral disc osteophyte complex. There is some narrowing of the central canal.

1/07 At C5-6, a moderate size central disc osteophyte complex is noted. It once again narrows the central canal. There is associated mild bilateral facet hypertrophy. The findings appear to have mildly progressed since the prior study of 12/24/05.

12/05 Unremarkable
1/07 At C6-7, there is a new moderate size left paracentral to lateral disc protrusion. There is"ef£acement" of the ventral subarachnoid space and extrusion of the disc inferiorly behind the C7 vertebral body. There is encroachment of the left proximal neural foramen at this level.
12/05 At C7/T1 there is some mild degenerative disc disease in the thoracic spine.
1/07 At the C7-T1 level, no significant disc bulge or herniation is seen. There is some evidence of degenerative disc disease within the thoracic spine.
12/05 IMPRESSION: There is degenerative disc disease with associated stenosis in the cervical spine. It is most pronounced at the C4/5 and C5/6 level.

1/07 IMPRESSION: There’s progression of findings since the prior study from 12/24/05. In particular there’s a new moderate size left paracentral to lateral disc protrusion at the C6/7 level which effaces the ventral subarachnoid space and abuts the ventral cervical cord. There is mild encroachment of the proximal left neural foramen at this level as well as an extrusion of disc behind the C7 vertebral body.


Dear Guest, 

Usually symptoms such as you have related do not have anything to do with the cervical spine although the "same underlying disease" causes arthritis in weight bearing joints. Usually, the problem is located in the shoulder: rheumatic brachial plexitis. If you hold your arms high touching the ears and hold your neck normal, if your hands become numb, tingling, etc., well that proves the problem is in the shoulder and not in the neck although there will be referral of pain into the neck. Tingling in the face: what part of the face?The face, for the most part is innervated by the trigeminal is  sensory nerve and the same disease "can" affect that nerve too. Do you have any low-back pain now or in the past? Do you have "red palms". Do you have rosacea of any degree...that is reddened cheeks, nose, chin, "V" of the neck, etc. 

Yours, Norsk10