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Users comments and reviews on article Gastric (Stomach) Cancer Risks Factors, Symptoms and Treatment by Dr. Soni Vijay


Over the last 8 Years I have been experiencing Major stomach pain. I have been tested for a lot of things (through CT SCAN, BARIUM X-RAY, X_RAY, AND DOZENS OF BLOOD AND STOOL TESTS) and all I was told is that my stomach was completely lined with the beginnings ulcers. I have been put a dozen different medications for Irregular bowel syndrome, acid reflux, ulcers, and been put on the HP Kit (GET RID OF ACIDS, THEN REBUILD THE LINING OF THE STOMACH 8 PILLS A DAY) and it still keeps coming back.
My pain is in the stomach of the abdomen. My pain is constant non stop, only varying in intensity medium to high. My pain causes Acid Reflux, What feels like constipation but when I do have a bowel movement it is Diarrhea. My stool is very espresso colored to black all the time.
Eating at times helps, however when outside pressure like a push, or a full bladder happens, the pain goes ten fold. I have no appetite!
I currently can not work because of the situation and am looking for someone who can help me or suggest something I can do or someone I can see to help me.


Just wondering If someone could help me? I am experiencing issues with my Oesophagus.. I cannot digest food at all it seems to get stuck in my Oesophagus all the time. It is really uncomfortable and some days I don't wan't to eat with it.

Oth symtoms include a major issue with my bowel and the inability to excrete. My doctor put me on laxitives but this is not working either. I am not sure if the two problems are related but any advice would be much appreciated.


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