Hi, I'm 16 years old and I got the depo povera shot back in November. I decided not to get the 2nd shot in January because it made me gain weight really bad and cause me to be depressed. I have protected sex with my boyfriend but only twice in the last 2 months. My period was due the 21rst of Feb but I only got 1 drop of light brown gunk. Then another 2 days later. Than another today. My boobs are really sore, i know that's a side effect of the shot wearing off, but 2 days ago i noticed I'm getting slightly visible blue veins on my chest and my nipples are white on the end. It hurts to press my stomach as well and i have mild headaches and always sleepy and hormonal. Is anyone else having this issue? Should i be worried?I dont want to be pregnant!! Can someone tell me if this is normal after the shot wears off?