Ok so here's my story, I'm 30 going on 31, I have a 4 year old daughter born Jan 2011 by c-section went on depo then stopped early 2012 everything went back to normal pretty quickly. Went back on early 2013 then switched to the patch which didn't want to stick, so I went back to the depo Feb 2014 and my last shot was mid Sep 2014. Now this is what I have been experiencing since around early to mid April 2015 last month, it started with cramping nonstop for almost 2 weeks went to the hospital they thought it was a twisted ovary did no blood test just urine, not pregnant. Then I started noticing my veins on my breast and nipples are slowly showing, then my areolas started getting darker, I had a lot of clear but cloudy cm around the same time as the cramping, my regular doc ordered a blood test that came back negative. And since I took the test my veins are showing up in more places and seem to be getting darker, also tmi but I started what I think was my period which started out very light not normal for me and was dark red almost brown, then it's gotten red pink and back, within the last 4 days I only need to change my panty liner twice. And all these things that I'm experiencing I have never ever experienced a day in my life. I have an ob appt next Wednesday but it's driving me and my hubby nuts. Is this from the depo after so long?