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Dieting and losing fat means no dessert, right? Brownies, ice cream, cheesecake and puddings all have to go. Or do they? With the right recipes, desserts can be part of your diet, perhaps even on a daily basis!

The Dieter’s Paradigm

When you’re dieting, and eating a low number of calories, perhaps with restrictions on your carb and fat intake too, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all your favorite desserts and sweet treats have to be banned.

But think again...

The trouble with reducing your calories, and completely banning all those desserts and puddings that you love, is that the more you restrict them, the more you crave them.

How long you hold off on those cravings depends on your level of motivation, discipline and self-control. But even the most disciplined of dieters will give in eventually. And what does this lead to?

When you've resisted something that you crave for so long, you’re never going to stop at just one bite.

You’ll promise yourself you’ll have just a small taste of an apple tart, or take a bite of half a cookie, but before you know it, the whole tart’s disappeared, gone is the whole bag of cookies, and you’ve probably cracked open the ice cream and syrup too.

So how do we control these sweet cravings and the lure of tasty desserts, while still sticking to plan, hitting your calorie intake, and not going insane in the process.

There are two solutions to this. The big one, and the main one this article will deal with, is finding healthy, lower calorie recipes for variations on your favorite dessert, helping to take the edge off your cravings and allowing you to eat some pretty tasty desserts, Some of these are so good calorie-wise too, that you’ll be able to eat a pretty hefty portion without going way over your calorie intake.

The second option, and the one we’ll cover briefly now, is just exercising moderation.

There is no reason why you can’t have just a small taste, or even a moderate serving of any dessert under the sun, and still progress on your diet.

Dieting all comes down to controlling your calorie intake, and consuming fewer calories than you burn (as well as eating adequate protein and not overdoing the carbs and fats.)

Therefore, if you really really want some pecan pie, a raspberry soufflé or a bowl of gelato, you can have it, without it having any negative effect on your fat loss. The issue with this, however, is that many dieters struggle to stop at a small serving. Plus, doing this may mean you’re eating a large proportion of your day’s carb and fat allowance just with dessert, meaning you have to eat little more than protein and veggies the rest of the day.

So, enter the healthy, diet-friendly desserts.


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