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Hi , so i`ve been on and off depo for about a year now , I started depo for the very first time in feb

2010 where I went the whole 3 months &` received a 2nd shot in may 2010 where I also went the

entire 3 months up to august 2010 where I then decided not to go and receive a continuous 3rd

shot because of the weight gain. from august until november 2010 I was not on depo but I had really

bad bleeding because of depo being in my system and from missing my 3rd shot back in

august.So in november 2010 I got back on depo to control my bleeding, after staying on for the 3

months up to January 2011 I discontinued depo once AGAIN because of the weight gain. Now its

march 2011 and I haven't been on depo since, I recently had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and

usually when I come off depo I bleed for long periods of time but since I had sex the bleeding

stopped ! I took a home pregnancy test but it was negative , could the depo effect my results ! Could I be pregnant ?!


oh my god. You should see all the women getting pregnant off it!!
I took the shot once. april to june 30.  The beginning of june was when i started to experience symptoms. And now in july still have them.
I feel i am pregnant. But don't like to assume. :'[


my doctor told me tht depo does affect your results tht it is best to have a ultrasound if possible.


everytiime I take a test it always come back negative , but my bf have cumd in me , and he said two weeks later take a pregnancy test but everytime I take it it always come back negative ? and im on the depo shot ??