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So my boyfriend and i have had unprotected sex like three times already.

The first time October 29th he said he barely came in me but not at a lot.

The second time was November 1st and that time he fully came in me TWICE!

The third time was November 5th and he also came in me that day but once.

Is there a BIG time possibility I could be pregnant or is it a 50/50 chance?

How long should i wait to take a pragnancy test?


hi do a pregnancy test if u have missed your period 


Hi Lizzbomb,

Even when everything is "perfect" the odds are about 1 in 5 that you'll conceive.

Without knowing when you ovulate, we can only guess.  Still, yes, you could get pregnant.

Take a home test if your period is late.



I think that is what i'm going to do.

But i can't take it till December.

The thing is my periods have always been irregular and this year was the first year they became normal.

i have one in August 26 another in September 26 then it skipped October and i barely started having sex with my partner in the beggining of November so i don't know if i'll get my period this month or next.

Regardless I will take the test just to make sure.

Thank you :)