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i'm not sure if i'm pregnant. my boyfriend & i had unprotected sex on the 16 & 23, but then i got my period on the 26 & it only lasted about 3 days (it's usually 4-5). is it possible i'm pregnant? my back hurts alot & i'm constantly feeling bloated.

please reply:)


im young, and reckless to say the least. like most im spending my time working, and going to college part time. The very end of september was the last time i had gotten my period. the 8th of october i had gotten close to whom im with. he came on my vagina, and cleaned up after. i didnt panic and tried to stay entirely calm. only it became harder to when i realized i was expecting my period to come the 23rd of october. i waited a little over a week to take a home pregnancy test. it showed up positive... then a few hrs later i took a second clear blue pregnancy test. it was another faded positive. my breats have been hurting more then a week, possiable a good two. and i feel a constamt bloating, like i might possiably get my period. im not financially fit, nor do i have the time... to really balance a child yet. im not exactly sure how to go about this, or that abortions right for me... either. can

thanks for takeing the time.