Okay, so today is august 24, 2010, I had unprotected sex on August 17, 2010. I have nobody to talk to about it. My mom would freak out, also, my boyfriend left me because my mom is crazy. He still loves me, but my mom is mean, unusually mean. She yells at me and him all the time, she barely lets him come over. Our relationship really started to struggle, but we had sex anyway, it was our first time together. We thought it would make us closer. I really love him but I cant tell him right now. I dont want him to be scared.

So here's my symptoms:
1. nausea.
2. trouble sleeping.
3. depression.
4. No period. But my period is always irregular, so idk when it will come if it even comes this month.
5. heart burn.
6. Horrible mood swings.

I am seventeen and since i was 14 i had irregular periods. some months they will come, some they wont. they are never the same time and sometimes they are a month or two long. once it was even 3 months long and i didnt have one for 6 months. I was wondering if it sounds like i am pregnant. And when I should take a test. I really need to know. and i need to know if you think i should tell my mom or the father first. My mom will make me live with him, or anyone but her. She will not let me have a baby in her house. It is legal for me to move out, and i am almost 18 but she still is like that. im not even aloud to drive. Crazy. she is going to flip.