I've been on Yasmin for about 5.5 years. My period before the pill and on it were always very regular. I started having some mild menstrual cramping last week which were pretty steady. I went to the doc the other day to have a pelvic exam and urine exam done to rule out PID/chlamydia, possible cysts and did a urine test to rule out any infections. All came back negative, got my period on time and the cramping diminished on day two of my period. I should also mention that last month i didn't take a pill on one day and doubled the next but threw up within 5-10 minutes afterward as a back up i took a different brand of BC that i had leftover from before. In additon i am terrible about taking them on time every day. I'm a morning starter but i tend to take them at night too. I did a lot of that this month as well.

Please help b/c my doctor says i'm okay and should be okay to have children and that it's probably the pill that caused the cramping b/c my hormone were out of whack.

I scheduled an ultrasound with him to rule out anything else, like a cyst that he missed in the pelvic exam and to also examine my ovaries.

Anyone experience something similiar, do you think i okay to have kids??

Is my ovulation out of whack b/c of my pills being taken incorrectly?