okay so i read the directions for alesse and it said to start the pills with your period, then it is effective immediately, but if you are a sunday starter, a week after you period came, then you have to wait at least 7 days.

my period is incredibly irregular so i did not wait for my period to come to start the pills because that might take months, so i took a hpt and made sure i wasnt pregnant and started the pills on Dec. 24 wednesday night and took them regularly days after

i waited 7 days and had unprotected sex on the night of the 31st. and on the 1st, boyfriend did not ejaculate in me but its likely that some semen were in my vagina. i did use spermicide both times after i washed.

so my ultimate question is, how many days should i wait until i can have unprotected sex if i started on a random day? and is it likely that i will get pregnant? and should i get plan B or like take 2 of my alesse?