Has anyone gone through this??? Here's my story... I had a miscarriage (unknown cause) on September 17, 2014 at 15 weeks and had a D&C... Following the miscarriage/D&C I was still cramping and bleeding...so I went back to the Dr's office and she gave me misoprostol 3 tablets and said this will clean my system. On September 24, 2014 I started hemorrhaging caused by misoprostol and was rushed to ER and had another D&C under GA...was given blood transfusion 3 units due to blood loss. Following the D&C this time I was just spotting. On October 21st I started feeling cramping so I thought my periods were coming...few days later I started bleeding like periods after prolong 7 days of bleeding I went back to the Dr and she informed me upon pelvic exam that it's lochia not periods. She said I might be having prolong bleeding due to hormone imbalance. I do have PCOS. I was not given a definite answer on anything. On November 6, 2014 I started gushing blood which soaked my pants and I rushed to the ER and they did my U/S and blood work. All looked normal to them HCG level was 8. I eventually stopped gushing blood once a big clot came out. Dr advised me to start BC pills (Sprintec) same day to regulate my cycle. My spotting/bleeding continued even on Sprintec. So I went back to the Dr and she did my pelvic exam and HCG level test (which is 6 now) all looked normal to her. She told me to try the taper process of BC pills (4,3,2,1 then continue one pill per day) which should stop the bleeding she said. Instead it made it worse...I am now having moderate bleeding which is really dark red in color ever since. I am just so frustrated and confused as to what is going on with me and why my bleeding/spotting is not going away completely.