So I am on the 28 day cycle and on birth control. I had my last period on 01/09-01/12, took birth control on 01/13, and missed 2 pills sometime during that week. I remember taking 2 pills one day, and never made up for the 2nd missed pill. Had unprotected sex on 01/18. Then on monday this week 01/21 had light pink then brownish discharge w/ poss some gooey/tissue? I then took my b/c that day plus the last missed pill and it stopped later that night. I still had some light cramping, then on wed 01/23 had some discharge again, but it wasnt as long. I might be overthinking it or stressing a bit right now, because I feel a slight cramping. My next period isnt due until 02/06, so I cant test yet. Would the spotting be too early for implantation? Is it breakthrough bleeding or ovulation? If I calculate my ovulation it would be from 20-23/24th, but could it be different since I am on the pill? I am 32 and have 2 kids. Thank you!