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sorry to be long winded, but i'd love some good advice.

Are there times when you just miss a period? I had acne and minor cramping at the time my pd was due, but my period never came (it shold have come b/w the 8th and 11th)... its 8-11 days late. I HIGHLY doubt i am preg. b/c we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use condoms. but its still possible. Took a preg. test 2 days after my pd was supposed to come and again 6 days after. Both were negitive. I did have very light, brown color spotting last month about 2 weeks after my period, this was a time when both of my roomates were on their periods. Discharge was not enough to need tampons/liners, except one day where there was some spotting in my panties. Could that have been a period? I did go through finals about 3 weeks ago in college plus i have been moving apts and such, and so have been slightly more stressed out than usual, and lacking sleep.

Also, how do i go about getting on birth control? What are the pros/cons? And is it true that you shouldn't stay on it more than 5 years? I don't want to decrease my chances of getting preg. later. And does insurance cover?

ANY advice is welcomed... Thanks for the help.


It is common to skip a period sometimes. I have heard of a couple of women who don't get a period in April, something to do with the change of season they think.
For advice on birth control, go to a family planning clinic. They will be able to describe all the pros and cons. Most birth controls don't have an effect on future fertility.


BIRTH CONTROL does not affect furture fertility, BUT STD'S DO!

If insurance does'nt cover birth control then you can use generic medications, or even find a lower cost pharmacy like WAL-MART...

Most birth control ranges from 20$-75$ for name brands...It can be more or less depending on the pharmacy.

ALSO planned parenthood accepts insurance for an exam, and then you can buy low cost birth cotnrol from them if your ins does'nt cover the pills.

MANY ins policies DO cover birth control.

SERIOUS Side effects of birth control ARE EXTREMELY RARE... Please do not smoke while on birth control!

side effects are: (not everyone has these, or will even get 1!!!)
Weight gain
Weight loss
Bleeding in between periods
missing periods
mood swings
migraine worsening if you suffer from them
These are just a few and a GYNO can tell you more!!