Hello all,

new to the board,

I need your help!

A little bit of background to assist in answering the question. I'm a mid 20's white male virgin circumcised (at birth) taking ultra low dose (12.5 MG/day) Sertraline for unrelated anxiety issue.

During 2014-15 I began I masterbate on an increased regular basis, often nightly. I began to notice that I was losing sensation on certain nights, seemingly related to the sertraline. I believe the sertraline may have caused over stimulation which has lead to this problem.

Beginning in about October/November 2015 I noticed a burning sensation/red skin at tip of my glans/urethra opening. The opening of my urethra would not close fully and felt like it has been burned. I also noticed red inflamed/burning skin, on the underside of the shaft when I had been rubbing. I immediately discontinued masterbation until the problem resolved, which it did in about a month. Thinking this was a one time problem I continued with reduced frequency.

The problem returned and I repeated the healing cycle. Upon the 3rd time I discontinued all masterbation activies (never restarted them to current date) and started searching online for causes and solutions which lead me to contact my primary care. After hearing my story and ordering a urine test to rule out STD/yeast infection he told me to let it rest, which I did. After no improvement in a month, my doctor suggested Clotrimazole thinking there may an external skin infection that the urine test missed. I used Clotrimazole twice daily for a month and noticed only a slight improvement.

I then was referred to a urologist who suggested neomycin/polymyxin B/bacitracin, lidocaine gel, aloe vera, castor oil, coconut oil, and Man 1. He also put me on antibiotics just to rule out internal bladder infection. None of which made any difference, in fact castor oil made it much worse. After running out of ideas, he sent me for an abdomen CT thinking something may have gone wrong inside my reproductive system. CT revealed no problems at all. After the uroligist said there was nothing more he could suggest and wanted to preform a cystoscopy I decided to move onto a dermatologist.

Dermatologist took a skin sample from bottom of shaft and sent to lab before treating me. Lab results revealed an elevated risk for lichen sclerosus et atrophicub but did not confirm that I had the problem active at the time (October 2016, 1 year after problem started).

By this time the entire underside of the my shaft and urethra tip felt like it was sunburned beyond belief, burning on direct contact of anything. I could hardly walk or sit down.

Derm suggested clobetasol 2 times per day for 2 weeks, then protopic for 2 weeks, repeat cycle. 

Clobetasol made the problem worse, burning on contact. Protopic seemed to work but I began to notice a cycle.......Protopic would nearly resolve problem in about 1 week to about 80-90%....body would self-test-nocturnal-emission.....which would undo all healing that took place in the matter of 5 seconds. I'd wake up with everything back to where we started.

It was then suggested that I try Elidel which had minimal effect.

I'm out of options. I don't know how to heal this when the my body is working against me with the nocturnal emission cycle. Its like a splashing bleach (a base) onto a sunburn every few days and undoing the healing cycle.

I'm fine with never maturating again in my life if I can just figure out what exactly is wrong and how to solve it! I can't live like this. I can't be awake in any position without pain. This has ruined my life. I need help! It now been nearly a year and a half with no improvement!