hey all,

So i am a male, age 19, and am very worried that i might have Molluscum contagiosum or something else but I am not quite sure, I'm hoping somebody out there is dealing with the same stuff i am and can help. Basically it started about 6 months ago when I developed two pimple-like lesions on my inner thigh, i popped them and a waxy but hard cluster discharged along with a lot of blood, when they healed though, they were gone completely. Recently after 5 months of no incidence, i got another lesion right at the top of my pubic area, i popped it too and now its healing, but i have noticed that i am constantly having an urge to pee, and i noticed one teeny tiny white dot on the underside of my shaft, I think this might be causing the discomfort? PLease help.