6 weeks ago I had protected sex, the next day like 12 hours later I felt discomfort in my left testicle, soreness in the perineum area, along with urethra spasms that are intermittent and have pain. I have not had any pain or burning when urinating and no discharge to date. I immediately went to urgent care where as a precaution they administered Zithromax and Rocephin (in case it was gonorrhea and chlamydia). Three days later I went to a doctor located at my work because the symptoms had not subsided, and she conducted a Urine Analysis which came back negative, but she did administer ciprofloxacin as a precaution to a potential UTI. A week later the symtoms still did not subside and I had my primary care physician conduct an exam, blood tests, and a urine analysis with culture. Everything came back negative in terms of the blood test and UA analysis with culture. My primary care doctor did not administer any antibiotics or other drugs. The symptoms subsided for about two weeks and yesterday are now back after exercising and masturbating. Same exact symptoms as before, still no pain or burning when urinating, no discharge, no itching or redness at the tip of my penis. Wednesday Ii went back and my doctor prescribed me a 10 day dose of levaquin for Epididymis. I am baffled as to what this could be. Has anyone out there ever had similar symptoms and what was the conclusion?