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Hi, this is my first time trying these forums and I'm hoping it will help me find a solution. I would be going to the doctor's personally, but I'm currently at a location where that really isn't an option and I wont have access to a doctor for another month. I'm kind of nervous
as to what this is and would like some insight for peace of mind and possibly a solution.

I'm a healthy 21 year old, uncircumcised male.

A little over a month ago I had
Safe sex with a girl, I used a condom but it did break during intercourseI also tore my penis , just a small cut where my penis head meets the foreskin in the middle of the underside of my penis head.

I had just started taking antibiotics for an infection as well, and I was on them for another week and probably 3 days following intercourse.

About 2 or 3 days following intercourse I noticed a few red spots I was also experiencing phimosis, which probably didn't set in until about 3 days after initially noticing the rash. I was uncertain as to what it was and looked on google, I figured it was balanitis or dermatitis

I kept my penis as clean as possible and just avoided washing with soap, made sure my penis was always dry and was getting lots of air, I was also washing once daily with a saline solution. The rash never cleared up. At this point it seemed to be getting worse, I had already left overseas and couldn't see a doctor.

I talked with a friend about what it could be and he said most likely a male yeast infection
I got my hands on some anti-fungal I used clotrimazole topical for nearly a month, it seemed to soothe the rash and it looked like it was improving but I feel as though it was just masking the symptoms not helping the problem. Since I used Clotrimazole topical I haven't experienced phimosis but my foreskin is still more red then it should be, at least in my opinion. At this point the rash had turned into several cracks going from the base of my penis head to about 1cm below my urethra. The cracks get smaller from from left to right and less noticable. The rash isn't on the underside of my penis, it takes up a little over the size of a nickel of the head. The rash hasn't really changed much the last few weeks, there are also a few raised bumps which seem to be the same color as the rash, maybe a little lighter. They haven't grown and they seem to be uniform to the cracks, right on top of them, kind of like a raised part of said crack, if that makes any sense. Kind of like crop rows. There are probably 8 or 9 of these and they are all pretty small all less then 1/2mm in radius. They don't change, haven't grown, maybe even shrank a bit. The head is also pretty dry.

A few other things,

washing with a saline solution almost completely clears up symptoms temporarily, redness goes away cracks are still noticeable but way less pronounced.

I tried that thrush spit test and almost all of my spit sunk to the bottom. I don't think that it's significant, because I heard that the test is bogus.

When I am erect, the rash is most noticable. Penis head turns more red also the bumps are noticeable.

I am pretty confident this isn't herpes as the bumps don't rupture and arn't like pimples.

I haven't experienced any discharge, as far as I know at least, no burning or pain urinating. I think thats about all I have to describe my situation. I'd really like a diagnosis so I can try and get rid of this fast, it bothers me that I have a rash like this on my penis and I don't want to wait another month to get proper medical help to get this rash to go away. So any help I get here will be really appreciated!

- JohnnyQ


I was wondering if you ever figured out what this was or if it went away. I am having very simular problems and have been very depressed recently as i thought it could be herpes. it dawned on me that the bumps i have are not fluid filled or nor have they ruptured. I'm a student so i really dont want to get checked out. please help me out.


Balanitis and yeast infection (thrush) are both possibilities here, but you might also just be experiencing contact dermatitis due to a skin sensitivity. You might want to try changing your laundry detergent, bath  soap, shampoo etc and see if that makes any difference. Try miconazole (monistat) instead of clotrimazole – this is intended specifically for Candida yeast and might help clear up the problem if thrush is the cause. You might also consider a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man  Oil), which has antibacterial and skin-soothing properties (just don’t use it on open sores).

Good luck!