Coming home from a funeral for my aunt, who was in fact 61 years old, I wonder to myself : are all man made medications beneficial? 

My late aunt was on prednisone, and no, not for a few weeks. As she suffered from severe arthritis, she was on prednisone for 36 YEARS STRAIGHT.

They tried to get her off but her body couldn't handle even a slightly lower dose. Her heart stopped the first time they lowered her dose at 56. After that, she survived 5 broken hips. 6 broken arms. All in 5 years. She had been hospitalized for the past 3 years, weighing 90 lbs (usually 150lb), suffering from paranoia, confusion, angry outbursts, and moon face. Her skin was so fragile that tape would pull it off. 

I understand prednisone is good for the short run but please please please try to get off it in the long run. Prednisone kills.