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Hey everyone.

I am really concerned about my aunt :/ She called me today and she told me that she needs to have thoracic aortic aneurysm surgery. I am worried because she is older lady (she is 61 years old) and she is always having some problems with her health. She had really hard and difficult life and now this.

Can you tell me am I worrying too much? What are surgery risks of thoracic aortic aneurysm?

Anyone in here have experience with it to tell me what we all could expect?

I want to help her with some advice. I know that she is scared as well…


Hey there. I am sorry because I was not here to try to help you.

Tell me how is your aunt feeling now? Is she better?

It is very dangerous and I am really sorry to hear this. A lot of people are affected with Thoracic aortic aneurysms – about 15.000 people just in the United States each year.

People die very often due to this disease. Research has shown that patients are more likely to die of complications.  

That is definitely the biggest risk.

So need to be worried about this. Is she in the hospital now? Is she still waiting for the surgery?




Every surgery has a potential risk and you should know this. The problem is because this is very serious condition and the number of those who are diagnosed with this disease is very big. I think that this number is getting bigger every day even more.

Thoracic aortic aneurysms are very serious health risk because they can rupture or burst. Well, a ruptured aneurysm can cause several internal bleeding and we all do know that this can rapidly lead to shock or even death.

Some patients may have more than one TAA.

It is very important to react very soon.



Hello. I work in a hospital. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’m in touch with them every day.
I’ve seen many people have this surgery during the years. There is a risk that aneurysm may open up if she doesn’t get the surgery, so if a doctor told her she needs one, she must take it seriously and agree to have it.
On the other hand there is no need to panic, I’ve seen many people undergo this surgery and they are just fine.
Just make sure that she finds a good doctor and stop worrying. It won’t help.


Yes, I completely agree with Isac. Worrying won’t help.

I have a friend, actually more of an acquaintance, who had this surgery and no complications occurred.

Those complications are not something that happens often. It does happen though, just like in any other surgery.

But don’t think about that.


During the surgery itself, complications may occur such as problems with heart, kidneys or lungs.

But keep in mind that most people who have open repair surgery recover well. Tell that to your aunt, there is no reason to tell her about the risks.

Everything will be fine, make her believe in that.



I really hope everything will be fine. I’m unfortunately familiar with this type of surgery, and luckily I have a friend who took it pretty well.

There are some complications that could happen after the surgery too. A patient can suffer bleeding or an infection. This can have serious consequences. Also colon problems, problems with the repaired aneurysm and erection problems.

People who have diseases of the heart, kidneys, lung, or liver are at higher risk for complications. And things like smoking and high blood pressure also put someone at a higher risk.

My friend was a passionate smoker and no complication occurred.



Hello everyone. I had this surgery and I can tell you that this surgery is very risky. It started very slowly in my case. I didn’t have any symptoms and doctors told me that this disease often grows very slowly. They told me that some aneurysms will never rupture. But very soon I notice that I am having some symptoms such as back pain and shortness of breath. After this I was diagnosed with TAA. The surgery was very risky and dangerous but now I am fine. There are always a risk of death in this case. Good luck there.



Hello everyone.

I lost my aunt due Thoracic aortic aneurysm and I still haven’t recover from that pain and that tragedy. I think that no one in my family is.

That is why I am very scared when it comes to this surgery because I do know how dangerous it can be. Her condition was very serious and doctors told us that she may not survive the surgery.

Unfortunately they were right.

Now when I read that people survive this surgery I am wondering why this happened to my aunt.

I believe that every case is a different story and that your aunt is going to be fine.



Look I don’t want to be rude, but you should not scare people off. Keep in mind that we, who read this and are about to have this type of surgery really need some comfort. I’m very sorry about your aunt. I am very attached to mine and I can only imagine how you feel.
Now, there is probably something else there, there must be a reason why the doctors knew that she is not going to make it. Her overall health was probably too fragile and she might have had something else that made the whole surgery a lot more complicate.