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i had my periods on 20th march and had sex on 2nd april...i took ipill within 4 hrs of sex.....had vaginal bleeding on 8th that lasted till 12th....i again had sex on 13th of april...and took ipill within 1 hr...i again had vaginal bleeding on 17th and that lasted till 20th of april.....i havent got my periods i pregnant??


Hi Guest,

It is unlikely you are pregnant.

You are more likely experiencing side effects from the morning after pills.  For the next several cycles you can expect early or late periods, and heavier or lighter than normal periods.

We can't predict when you'll have your period.

Don't use emergency contraceptives more than once per cycle.  They are intended for "emergencies" not for frequent use.  They contain very large doses of hormones.

If you plan on being sexually active use a daily birth control pill or other form of protection, IUD, condom, etc.

Good luck.