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I was recently put on antibiotics for strep throat, and the pharmacist said that my birth control pill would lower the effectiveness of the antbiotics, and if i was just taking it to clear my skin to stop, but if i was using it as a contraceptive, to continue using it. I just read on another topic in here (in the acne group, actually) that the antibiotics could cancel out the birth control. does anyone else know anything about this? I'm getting a litle scare because I've had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a couple times since I've started them..


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Iv never heard that the pill reduces antibiotics!!!
But yes if def reduces the protection of the pill if you take antibiotics.

My daughter has been on alot of antibiotics over the last 2 years due to kidney infections, an the specialists have never say to stop the pill.

Just for added knowledge.
If you take antibiotics for more that 3 weeks, your pill adjusts back an full protection is gained.

My daughter is on long term antibiotics, thats how i know :-)