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i started taking the pill about a month ago and its come to my 7 day break and i'm worried i could be pregnant.
I haven't come on and i have no signs of it either. I have taken the pill correctly and at the same time never missed one and had no affects from it like spotting or anything.However im onn oxytetraciline ( treatment for acne) and have been for the last 18months. I heard this can stop my pill from working. is this true and also im really worried incase i could be pregnant.i have had unprotected sex a number of times with my partner but it never ran through my mind untill now. could i be pregnant ? any helppp.


I have worked in Pharmacy for about 7 years. I was trying to remember what it was about tetracyclines/pregnancy/antibiotics. I know that when you are taking antibiotics of any kind, you should use an alternate form of birth control up to and including a week after discontinuation of the antibiotics. The antibiotics usually decrease the effectiveness of the b/c pill. You should be keeping your doctor informed that you are taking birth control/antibiotics. Here is some further information:

Use is not recommended during the last half of pregnancy. If tetracyclines are taken during that time, they may cause the unborn infant's teeth to become discolored and may slow down the growth of the infant's teeth and bones. In addition, liver problems may occur in pregnant women, especially those receiving high doses by injection into a vein
Oral contraceptives (birth control pills) containing estrogen—Use of birth control pills with tetracyclines may decrease the effect of the birth control pills and increase the chance of unwanted pregnancy

Please let your md know that you are questioning being pregnant, and if you are pregnant, you might ask him if you should stop taking the Tetras. Give all these questions to your doc. If you are pregnant, please dont forget to take your prenatal vitamins, they can be taken at night.... some women say their bodies "take" better to them that way. Take good care of yourself, you might have a little life growing inside of your tummy.