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Acne is a common complaint of so many people, but do we really know enough about this problem. If we really knew what works and what does not in acne therapy, we could solve this annoying problem.

Generally, the first step should be to learn as much as possible about acne and what really works to get rid of it.

When does acne develop?

Acne develops when one or more of the following occurs: excess sebum production, rapid production of P. acnes, skin cells shed too quickly, inflammatory substances release. The success of an adult acne treatment depends on the cause. Today’s acne treatments are mostly trying to decrease sebum production and reduce P. acnes bacteria. Some treatments are also trying to normalize skin shedding and eliminate inflammation. It is very important to note that everyone has different types of skin and one solution that works for some people might not necessarily work for you.

  •     The first step you need to take to fix your skin appearance is stop polluting it. Try not to put a lot of make up on, and don’t cover your face with daily creams, blush, or foundation. Once you have done this, your skin will be able to breathe and expel the unhealthy bacteria that have collected there.
  •     Once you have stopped blocking your pores, you need a good cleanser. For some people the simplest soap, like hand soap, might work. If you want something else, try Cetaphil. Wash your face every morning and every night, unless you experience dryness, in which case you should go down to once per day.
  •     The next step is to change your diet. For a healthy organism as well as a healthy face, you must stop eating unhealthy food. Although this might be hard in today’s world, it is the most crucial step. The food you consume greatly influences your skin appearance. You should try eating mostly fruit in the morning. You can eat as much fruit as you want, because your body wants to enjoy it and process it properly. After a while, your skin will reward you with change. Also, eating green leafy vegetables will help your diet too, as well as drinking lots of fresh filtered water. Whenever you are thirsty, stay away from pop or sugar-filled drinks, and stick to water or mild tea because water will flush out any toxins in your body. This is going to stop them from coming out of your pores.
  •     If you are a woman, you should consider starting to take birth control pills. You have to consult your doctor about this option, since in many cases it could be the first successful move toward great skin. Taking the contraceptive pill does not necessarily mean that you are sexually active. Moreover, there are brands made specifically for curing acne and not just pregnancy prevention.
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