I havent had a "real" period since july. My last period date was july 31st. On august 10 i started spotting for only a day. On august 22 and 23 i bled and on aug 24 i spotted and on aug 25 and 26th i spotted nothing on 27 but spotted again on 28th. In september i bled on the 20th and spotted on the 21st nothing on 22 and spotted again on 23rd. I was put on provera on oct 6th and went to the clinic on the 13th and had 2 negative pred tests. On oct 22nd i took 3 tests and tested positive. On the 27th i started having brown discharge for 3 days. On the 30th i went to the er because i was bleeding bright red. They did vag u/s and said they could see that i was in process of miscarrying. They did blood work and my levels were 82. I have an appt with my gyn tomorrow. Has anything like this happen to any of you?