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Hello everyone,

I have had a tough 2 months, I haven't been feeling like my self lately and I also think I am going nuts. My last period was July 31st-August 7th I am usually irregular but my periods have been coming every month for the last year so they been pretty normal or so I thought. I been feeling Nauseas, Dizzy, backaches, headaches, very emotional(this is not like me at ALL), super moody, fatigue, my bbs definitely got bigger and darker, I been getting some cramps off and on, veins on my chest/bbs, cravings for weird foods I wouldn't usually eat together, bloated and feeling full. All these symptoms started September 23rd or 24th what really caught me by suprised was the dizzy spells that I was getting, I have gotten dizzy before but not as bad as I've gotten these last few weeks I feel like I am going to pass out. Also, my bbs have been incredibly sore, now I have been pregnant before and my son now is 3 going on 4 and I remember my bbs hurting on the side closer to my armpit, anyways thats what I am feeling now. I was spotting on September around the second week I thought it was just a warning my period was coming but what was weird is I spotted really early I get my period on the 28th every month and spotted on October 27 My period was due the next day and got nothing.  Like I said I am very confused don't know what to think I already took several pregnancy test my last test was October 4th all negatives so I told myself I would just wait for my period this month(October)  and again nothing but I have not tested. I am really nervous to test again. Any suggestions on what it could be if not pregnancy?


I had a Tubal Lidigation in 2009, and I have Taken 7 Pregnancy tests that say Positive, Can this be true???