I've been TTC since I got off the Depo Shot on June. While being on the shot I would get my period or bleed every two weeks. From June 4th-9th I had my period. After I didn' get the shot I was due for on June 13, I've bled mostly all month starting from the 15th-22nd and then again on the 27th - July 4th. Again on July 10th I bled until the 17th then once more the week after for six days. ( I was confused on when my period was actually supposed to be.) On August 20th-24th I had my period after a 27 day cycle. On September I got my period on the 15th-20th after a 27 day cycle. In October I had my period twice in the same month. On October 12th - 17th I had a period after a 27 day cycle. Then on October 29th - November 3rd I had my period again. I was expecting my period on November 25th. I had taken 4 PT and all were negative. I took the tests every 2 days or so. It's November 30th and I started spotting pink. Could it be implantation bleeding or a late period?