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Ok here is my thing.

Ok I had a m/c back in april of this year. Since then my cycles have been 30 days. My periods are always 5-7 days. I had my period July 1st and it was very odd. I bled one full day then the next day i bled 1/2 a day, then the next 1/2 a day then spotted for one day. Ok since then I have taken several hpts (from dollar general) and they have all been negative. Even when I check them later they are still white as snow. Well on July 31st when my period was due I took a test and it was negative and even later the test was still negative. Well on Aug 1st and 2nd I experienced some pink discharge spot. Well on Aug 2nd I took another dollar general test. After 2-3 mins I thought it was neg so I threw it away. Well I went back a lil bit later cause i had to pee for like the millionth time. Well I got the test like i always do ( like i said in the past they are always still white and no evap lines or anything) well there was a faint but visible line. I was planning on retesting the next day but when I woke up i peed in a cup to save first morning urine and it was red. I was just starting to bleed. I have been bleeding just like my period except not as heavy and now on the 4th day im stopping (also had sex with dh today). See with the bleeding I would automatically think Im not pregnant, but I am having really heightened sense of smell (smelling things that are not there) plus some things are making me sick to my stomach. I am also having heartburn alot. WDYT?? Do you think I could be pregnant??? I am planning on taking a Equate Test in the morning but I would still like to know yall opinions.


With home pregnancy tests, it is important to read them only within the time frame given. After this time they can form evaporation lines which can look like a positive. If you still suspect that you may be pregnant, take another test but read the result only in the allowed time frame.