I took Zoloft in 1992, then stopped.  I had a very bad reaction to stopping it.  I remember crawling on the floor begging for air and I was dizzy.   After a few weeks I felt better.  I did take it again in 2002 for 2 months.  I then stopped.  50 mg it was.  Well I had the most awful symptoms.  I besides not being able to sleep, feeling sick, I actually had feeling of killing peoole and huting people.   These drugs are very bad.   They should not be on the market.  People on Prozak have killed their own families.  Well I know why!  Luckily I never acted on this.  Very strange overpowering feeling and I cried a lot.  I feel freaked out when I think of the name Zoloft and this medicine should be detroyed.