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Hi ~
My boyfriend was on Zoloft. Things were going very well.

About 2 weeks ago, he cut his dosage in half. He didn't do this under a doctor's supervision as far as I know. I also don't know the amount that he was originally taking. All I know is that he was taking 2 pills a day, and cut it down to one.

We were planning on getting married, and even were talking about when we wanted to conceive children.

We had a couple arguments. They certainly weren't good, but I wouldn't describe them as horrific either.

2 days ago, he left a "break up" note on my doorstep. I was SHOCKED. The previous night he told me I was the love of his life.

I love him so deeply and have no judgement about the fact that he takes Zoloft, because I know it helps him.

But I am trying to make sense of the breakup. The note was clear that our relationship was over. Yet he had been expressing his love for me just days before, telling me that I was the one he wanted to spend his life with.

Could this extreme mood swing/change in feelings for me/ be related to the fact that he had cut his Zoloft in half? (from the time he cut in in half, until the time he broke up with me was about 2 weeks)

Could it be enough to actually cause someone to leave a good relationship? (it wasn't a perfect relationship, as we were certainly working on certain issues. However, he knew I loved him, and I know he loved me.)

Any insight is helpful.

I have been crying and so upset since this happened, trying desperately to understand what happened.

I can not call him because I said I would respect his decision of no contact.

If he decides to get back to his original dose, is it likely he will reflect on the fact that he suddenly ended the relationship, and reach out to communicate again? (this is what I hope).

Please help with any insights.

Thank you


Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear about your story.. I'm not sure if I will be a big help, but I can share with you my experience with zoloft.

I have been taking zoloft (150 mg) for a year now for depression. I was a normal college student and had this problem with no name for some time, I found out it was depression, and have been taking the meds ever since.

About 6 months ago I decided I felt well enough to stop taking the pills everyday (also without consent of my doctor).

When i stopped taking the pills that week, I was fine for a day or two. At first, I just felt physical withdrawal symptoms; I felt tired, had headaches, and was just constantly in a daze.

After a few days was where I noticed a real mood change. I was really emotional all the time, very irritable, never really happy or in a good mood. Everything my boyfriend did annoyed me. Pretty much everything anyone did annoyed me! And I am generally a happy-go-lucky person. Things were worse then they were before I started taking the pills to begin with.

So although it is scary, and I know where your boyfriend was at with not wanting to take the pills, without them, it is quite possible that he could have a big change of mood without taking them.

I started taking my pills again before I let it effect any of my relationships; so unfortunately, if he doesn't want to start taking the pills again, it will either take a while for him to get into that 'back-to-normal' state, or he may just never get there :-( Although it is very sad on a personal note, on a medical note make sure you keep an eye on him if possible, after I stopped taking it, my prescriber told me that it is potentially dangerous to just stop taking Zoloft cold-turkey.

Good Luck, Hang in there. Hope I was a help!


I ran out of zoloft two days ago. And I no longer have insurance.
I can tell you mood swings Only the surface. As much as some people say antipressants don't change "who you are", they do. Since I came off (only two days ago) I've managed to sabatoge every relationship I parents, friends, my husband. I will likely try to fix those, but probably just because I don't want to be alone.
The truth is...since I ran out...I just don't like people...or anything at all. Today I was sitting on the porch and a bird singing made me so angry. I screamed at it. "Oh my god! Would you shut up!?"
Everything does get on my nerves and I'm very self indulgent like I'm the only person who knows anything. I feel very real though like this is how I should be even though it makes things hard. I was crying over a boyfriend from highschool earlier today...I don't care about him that was a million years ago...I don't know, depression does that I guess.
To me zoloft dulled the good and the bad. It made things normal but that is not the way I am used to percieving things. He may not return to the higher dose because he may feel the same way. Antidepressants are different for different people. To be honest I have been behaving like an angsty teen. It will take a while to regain control. He may or may not realize he was I said I feel like I am the only person right right now.
Its bad news and just a theory, but without the pills and the dulled senses, he may not stive for normalcy. (Getting married having kids...doing what is expected.) He still loves you, don't doubt that, but marraige is probably intimidating right now because his emotions are probably too much right now. Talk to him about getting back together but taking it slow and seeing where it goes. Don't accuse him of acting crazy or "having mood swings" just let him know you understand and are there for him. That is all I want from the people I have isolated myself from, maybe he is the same?
I know it must be hard from your stand point but he will probably not realize that right now. With me the pills helped me assimilate. Be normal. Be nice. But without them I feel more real like I got a piece of me back, even though it may be a bad piece...its a part of me.
I plan on working things out as soon as I can with everyone, but I know I will have to try pretty hard. The smallest things will be difficult for him.
Saying he is sorry even if it is buried in excuses, should be considered a big step...
I wish you luck...
and I hope he realizes that marriage isn't about being normal but about being closer to someone you love.


relationship failure is a direct result of depression or mental health anyway, so the fact that you are depressed means you may run away from people you love or hide away and not act rationally because of depression anyway. dont blame the tablets.


I know this is an old post but i need some help making sense of myself since stopping zoloft. I had been on it for 5 years, and my marriage counselor whom we were seeing do to lack of intimacy, suggested i wean off. So i did. The first week was all physical, then by week 2 i began feeling again. By week three feeling Everything in extreme emotion. By week 4 feeling sad and angry, rarely happy. I cant figure out if the sad/anger is me or my friends and family telling me how i dont laugh, im mean and negeative. Like i said my emotions are extreme and come on quickly, i am aware of this and am quick to apologize. But my friends and family say im mentally ill. Now im depressed and feeling worthless and crazy, a need to run away. I dont like having extreme emotions but i like feeling again. I feel like im going crazy. Im a mom of 3 girls and successfully run 2 buisnesses. My life is hectic and i have realized I probably need to take some things off my plate. I dont know if my marriage can survive without me being a zombie. Do the extreme emotions subside?