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My MD took me off Fentanly patches cold turkey (6 months at 25mcg new patch every other day sometimes every day because they would not stay on and were cracking). Don't bother telling me this is dangerous - I know that now.

So my MD then put me on oxycontin 10mg 3 times per day. I was fine for 2 days, and then started going right back into withdrawals. My withdrawals are still really bad - skin not crawling anymore, but anxiety/crying/fever/vomiting for 3 days straight now.

Does this mean I am now in BOTH Fenanyl and Oxycontin withdrawals?

What stops this horrible feeling? I feel like I'm going insane.


   I know one cannot do it alone at home.What do you then do about the chronic pain that you are living with

for the rest of your days?