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If your hair is currently rocking a gorgeous shade of platinum, bright blond, gray or pastel, chances are, it's a little bit — or a lot — dry, wispy, split ends, impossible to style, impossible to manage. But there is a way back. Take my hand!

I don't shout at you often, but today, I'm going to. Here's something I NEED TO TELL YOU. Please, please, for the love of all that is good and pretty, if your hair is dry, and/or not the desired color, do not, do not throw bleach at it. It will become drier. It will split. It might even split at a much higher point than at the tips, leaving you with not at lot of hair. 

So, if you take away nothing else from this article: do not use more bleach. Okay? Okay.

How Does It Feel?

If your hair is stretchy, crunchy, or only ever feels somewhat silky or straight when you straighten out all the frizz and put a ton of oil onto the tips, there's a real problem here. We need to fix it! The reason your hair hates you right now is because bleaching it quite literally strips the hair of it's natural color. This leaves each and every hair follicle completely porous, because all of the color has been sucked right out. In a way, that's good, because it means new color will stick real well, at least to begin with, as you'll get a really bright hue if you want one. In a way, it's not so great, as it'll also fade really quickly whilst it's still porous. So. What we need to do is patch up those holes, to restore protein and softness to your hair. Are you with me?

Steer Clear Of Shampoo

Immediately after bleaching, if your hair is horrifically dry — and I mean, horribly dry — steer clear of shampoo for at least a week in the shower. Remember how I mentioned only washing your hair every three or four days to maintain your color? Well, if your hair is extrememly damaged, the same goes, except you're going to be washing your hair with conditioner. It still has enough clarifying ingredients in it to get rid of the worst of any grease, but not so many that your hair is going to be a horribly dry mess. Once you've given up washing for a week and moved onto washing every three or four days, remember - keep it clean with a dry shampoo. That's what they were invented for! 
After two or three weeks, I PROMISE YOU. your hair should be acclimatising to the change and will be getting less and less greasy in between washes.

Add Moisture

Moisture is what your hair is absolutely crying out for at the moment in every singly form, at virtually every single time of the day, but if you can't afford fancy hair masks and don't really want to spend a fortune on products, there are plenty of homemade masks that you can use. The general consensus is that you should use just one mask a week, but if your hair is suffering, I reckong you can use one daily or stick one on overnight. A few of my faves:
  • Avocado, coconut oil and honey, mashed together
  • Olive oil and honey
  • Yoghurt, banana and honey
  • Plain old coconut oil
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