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last Wednesday my gf and i both lost our virginity to eachother and she felt stomach pains the next morning which i heard is just because she is a virgin. The pains would come and go and not last longer than a hour.

Today she is starting to feel sick and cried for no reason and her stomach hurts a little bit.

When we had sex i used a spermicide condom and i didnt cum in her but i did cum a hour before we had sex. She being a virgin didnt bleed either.

I'm just wondering if anybody could tell me if i should be worried about her being pregnat or not im very scared and so is she.

Thank you


I think that you had released your "baby juices" earlier in the day and used a condom, most likely NOT that she is pregnate.
But does she know where on her period she was at the time? (starting, ending, middle ext...)
the stomach pains she may be feeling is the tighting of the vagina muscles that she had not used before this, so take some aleve pain meds, and "don't think about it"
if she still feels bad next week, get a home prenancy test and test her.

So you now asked this important question, so I wish for both you to be protected, from her becoming pregnate in the future.
You are able to do this at your age, so have her get a girlfriend or you into a planned parenthood clinic with her (or something similar) and get the information you needed and at least two forms birth controls- the pills and may be a diaphragm & jelly, ask what is the best for you. Plan on her taking the pills for about 3 to 6 months before have the un-condom sex you are wishing to have.

Rule for Intercourse; some important ones
1) Have the proper time to enjoy both of yourselves, weekend at a friends' place gone for the days or a summer house
2) Take your time, don’t rush and get it over with.
3) Proper place; the beach sand or grassy woods are not the place.
4) Be protected with a condom or two at least
5) Have the nervousness taken care of; by mostly the other rule have been followed.
See web site for more information on good topics for her.