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Right I've seen a few posts of this sort with so many different answers so now I'm confused.

The other night I was fingered and my boyfriend managed fit 2 full fingers in without much pain at all, and it felt nice. However, when we tried to have sex it hurt so badly and we had to stop. Does this mean my hymen hasn't broken or could it be another problem like being too dry or tensing up?


Ms. Ashhh
OK you may be having more then one problem at any given time. So is your vagina wet? are you been rushed by the time or place you are at? your hymen will only break once, and you may not notice the pain as much as the bleeding... so take your time and it will happen....and the most important think we wish to push for is BIRTH CONTROL, how wound you tell both your parents that you are pregnant, Not a good thing.

Rule for Intercourse; some important ones
1) Have the proper time to enjoy both of yourselves, weekend at a friends' place gone for the days or a summer house
2) Take your time, don’t rush and get it over with.
3) Proper place; the beach sand or grassy woods are not the place.
4) Be protected with at least a condom or two
5) Have the nervousness taken care of; by mostly the other rule have been followed.
6) Shower before & after, to smell clean for the other person, and your parents.
Try using some lube,
Girls; the ONLY lube for you is a water based lube. "KY" is name brand but at the cheap discount stores, they have "personal lube" in tubes in the shopping area with the tampons. Use as much lube as needed to help with the friction if you have not become "wet" on your own.

If you are not on birth control at this moment, you may wish to think about it, Birth control can be a diaphragm (by a Dr. only)& jelly , the jelly alone, (found at the same place as the lube) condoms for him & the jelly for you, and with girls, birth control pills, may be a longer time to wait if you wish go on the birth control pills now. you can go to a family planning clinic and without parents knowlege or permission, get on the pill,for fee or low costs. So Now make an appointment at your family Dr. or family planning clinic, and take him along for the information on birth control also, he will need to know this. again the exam & pills are for free of charge or low cost at the clinic, you may get them without your parents’ knowledge or permission.