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My BF and I tried to have sex the other night. I'm a virgin and he isn't and he's kind of big so it hurt pretty bad. He used baby oil on the condom so he didn't finish inside of me. I didn't bleed but he did go all the way in. I also have a pretty bad cold but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it.

All through that night and the next day I just felt a lot of pain down there. But also yesterday my stomach started hurting really bad and my back also started hurting. I took ibuprofen and that helped the back pain but not the stomach pain.

Now this morning I threw up some water and my stomach still hurts. I started bleeding but it's highly possible that could be my period. I'm not sure what's wrong, if anything is wrong. Can anyone help?


Please do not let your boyfriend use baby oil next time. This is not condom safe and will create holes in the condom and may even cause it to break apart completely.

If you want to use lube, make sure you use a water based on, such as Ky. Your pharmacy will be able to help if you're unsure what to get.

First time sex can hurt a lot, even if the penis is small. Its a lot of thrusting down there and your muscles aren't used to it yet. As the vagina wall is aligned next to the bowls, when you've had sex, its possible that his penis has pushed a bit of your intestines around inside of you. This can cause the stomach cramps and you being sick.

Also, baby oil is an irratant to open areas of the skin. both the head of the penis and your vagina are open skin and will cause them to become hypersensitive. This can last from a few hours to several days.

Please try to keep track of your period dates, its a good way to check if you're pregnant. Sex can lead to that, especially if you're using any kind of oil as a lubricant.


The ONLY lube for girls is a water based lube. "KY" is name brand but at the cheap discount stores, they have "personal lube" in tubes in the shopping area with tampons.
Use as much as needed to help with the friction if you have not become "wet" on your own.

You most likely started your period, it may have started with the "act" so treat it as one for now, and wear pads only for this period, you do not wish to contuine to make the pain contuine.

The pains may be also from the way you laid down, so relax and take it easy for now.

Ok now you two are have intercourse, so you have a love for him, but
think and plan on getting on to two forms of birth control this month, the pill and some other internal item to use both all the time.
You most likely are over the age to get birth control without your parents’ knowledge or have to do anything for you.
Make a appointment & Go to a planned parenthood clinic, if you need to have a girlfriend or your boyfriend go with you, so he will know more about birth control.
Plan on taking the pills for about 3 to 6 months before have the un-condom sex you are wishing to have.

Rule for Intercourse; some important ones
1) Have the proper time to enjoy both of yourselves, weekend at a friends' place gone for the days or a summer house
2) Take your time, don’t rush and get it over with.
3) Proper place; the beach sand or grassy woods are not the place.
4) Be protected with at least a condom or two
5) Have the nervousness taken care of; by mostly the other rule have been followed.