Hi All, I am a terminally diagnosed Cancer Patient , 53 yrs old. So I Have been prescribed Dexedrine, for focus and energy. I was started on 10mg per day, and within seven days I started developing a tolerant to it already and withdrawal symptoms between a dose for more. So the next morning I took two 10mg dexedrine. It was a little speedier but again I felt I like it was not enough. So I went to my Doctor, and told him I had doubled up on the 10mg in the morning and sometimes another one in the late afternoon so I can stay awake. He said, Well you should not of done that...lol And then prescribes me 15mg dexedrine 2 X per day. I take it only once a day, but have problems sleeping without Lorazepam or sleeping pills. I've been taking dexedrine for only two weeks, I can already see the potential for addiction. My question to anybody out there is, If I take 15mg per day, is this a cause of concerns for getting addicted? What is considered a heavy dexedrine addiction, how many mg per day? Thanks