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Hey there,

Just would like to head a warning to anyone thinking about taking soboxon to get through the fentynol withdrawls.....

Fentynol is the most wicked drug I've ever used and there is really noyhing out there strong enough to combat the withdrawl symptoms...

I have been one 100mg patch for quite some time and 200mg recently... I also wanted to get off of the patch to get a baseline of my pain.... TIRED of living on drugs...

My pain doc sent me to outpatient addiction center to get soboxon (read about it please) to overcome the WD symptoms.. Its like usinfg methadone for a heroin WD.

Anyways, they told me to take my patch off 24 hrs before coming in for the soboxon.... I did that... they gave me 22mg tabs of SOB. and within minutes I was in FULL on WD... A f... Ing monkey in a cage....This stuff stays in your system for a LONG time SB will throw you into WD... I went in again yesterday Day 5 off the patch just using symptom drugs


I am on my 27th day without fentynol. This is my first post on the internet, since my journey began. Reading online forums was very discouraging. And now i have found out why. If your reading this you may be someone that is trying to get of fentynol or someone that is hoping to get off fentynol. #1 i would like to give a big F$%^ YOU to all the doctors that over prescribe this drug. If you are not terminally ill, do not take this drug. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. People that say dont worry, you will not get addicted if you use it properly are just plain stupid. I used fentynol for 3 f'ed up discs in my back. Along with perks. I was using 100 mg per day with 7-12 perks for breakthrough pain. Do i have an addictive personallity? YES. Do people admit to having an addictive personality when they are face to face with thier doctor? NO. I didnt even realize i had an addictive personality until i started recovery. This drug will turn you into an addict. I promise you that. I never once got high off the drug. You will find yourself within weeks, yes weeks worrying about being addicted to the drug. I tried everything to get off the drug i tried weening myself off by reducing the dosage by 10mg every 2 weeks, tried cold turkey (do NOT try this) talk to the dumb ass that prescribed you the drug in the first place, i also tried changing the type of opiate which just opened up a can of worms that i am still kickin myself in the ass for. There is no magic pill that gets you off this stuff. If you are on Fentynol you have a very rough road ahead. Im sorry to say this but it is true. I am going to explain how i got off opiates this past 27 days.

#1- Checked myself into the local Detox. This was tough i know a lot of people in my town. I was embarassed. Addicts are the people that steal, live on the streets and have constant problems with the law. DEAD WRONG. I met people from all walks of life. It was there that i learned about legal addictions, illegal addictions and addcitions to almost anything you can imagine. We live in a world of addictions. You probably know somebody that is struggling with an addiction. Do not be embarassed. Most detox centers have recovering addicts employed there. If you go this way, talk with them. Be honest. These people can help you a lot. Your probably wondering how did i feel at this point. I felt like hell. I went into detox cold turkey. This is the only way you can go cold turkey. You need to be watched 24/7. I had a seizure my 3rd day in. Im telling you if i had access to a gun i wouldnt be writing this right now. It is that bad. After the seizure my doctor prescribed Suboxone ( i will get into this later). I stayed at the detox center for 7 days. And your probably saying "F THIS" a seizure? yes it can happen. You need to talk to your doctor before you get yourself off the Fentynol. Also the mental part of withdrawl is extreme. I did not want to be alive anymore. The physical withdrawls were terrible. Vomiting, nausea, living on the toilet, chills, body aches, dehydration, headaches and sweating like its 120 deg. but feeling like its -10. It is truely hell on earth.

#2 Suboxone- This is where everyone starts to argue. Methadone or Suboxone. Methadone is a powerful narcotic. You will be just switching your addiction. You will be racing down every morning for your drink. I talked with many addicts. And they loved the methadone. Now talking with recovering addicts, well thats a different story. Most have tried the methadone but truely they were not ready to get off drugs. They used the methadone when they were down and out. When they ran into money they were back using opiates. Now I dont want to say Suboxone is a miracle drug, because its not. You can get severely addicted to Suboxone. But I am on Day 3 with NO SUBOXONE..and of course - NO OPIATES! How to i feel? Like sh!t. I have body aches, i get the chills here and there. Basically it feels like i have the flu right now. But I am starting to feel the difference of having no drugs in my system. I am dreaming again at night, something i do not remember doing when i was using the opiates. I notcie things that i didnt notice before. The sun, rain birds etc... When you are using opiates you go on living day by day and start to kill yourself spiritually...i do not need to tell you about that. If your reading this far in you know what im talking about. But getting back to the Suboxone, i do not think i could have gone this far without it. There is a line in your head and it gets crossed when you are getting off the Fentynol. You just cant do it physically. The problem with Suboxone is that it is used too long. My wish was to get off drugs. All drugs. Yes you can take Suboxone for the rest of your life. Do you want that? I didnt. I used the Suboxone to get through the withdrawl period from the Fentynol. Heavy withdrawl symptoms last 14-? days from fentynol. I do not know if im withdrawing from the Fentynol or the Suboxone right now. But i can tell you that the symptoms are minimal right now in comparison to the withdrawls i had in the first few days before Suboxone. And for that I am grateful. Suboxone does not make you feel great. But it helps tremendously with the severe withdrawls. At the bottom of this post I am going to put my dosage of Suboxone for everyday i was on the drug.

#3 Support- When i started with this, I was going to do this by myself. I was privately addicted and i was going to get off the addiction privately. Well that was my big mistake. When I was in detox i met a guy that really changed the way I thought about the whole issue. First off, I got along right away with the guy. He works at a large steel plant here in town and me being a plumber, well that was the first person that i met with an addiction that has a good job, works in the trades and seemed to be in the same boat as me. I got his number before he left and i went on through my withdrawls. The 16th day in I called him. He said he was going to a meeting. He asked me to go and i went. It was a NA meeting. There is where I found the support i needed. For now I go to these meetings every night. I do not talk at all. I havent even looked at the book that they have. I know they have a 12 step program. But just going to these meetings and listening to people and being able to ask them anything at all makes the recovery part really easy. Am I going to do all the steps? I have no clue. All i know is that going every night makes all the pains and aches go away for that 1.5 hours and it gives me hope. I wanted to mention one more thing. If you go to these meetings, whatever you do is never compare your addiction to others. You will be lining your self up fpr a relapse. You will hear stories that are enough to make a grown man cry. Making it seem like your addiction isnt "that bad". My addiction was bad enough that i didnt want it running my life anymore. And if your reading this, your likely in the same boat that i am in.

So breaking everything down, there is no magic pill that makes everything go away. Just some plain effort. You can get off the Fentynol. And if you are looking into taking Fentynol. PLEASE read up on it and look and people that have used it. This stuff is killing people everyday. I am sure it is used to help some people. My grandmother took it for the last 5 months of her life. She was terminally ill.



You WILL need to start getting sick before taking Suboxone. If you take it while you are taking opiates it will make you sick right away. I suggest being sick for 48 hours before taking it. You will get a taste of how bad you would feel by not taking anything. Your doctor will tell you this anyways. Your first does is usually at the doctors office anyways.

Day 3-7      8 mg Per day 4 Mg morning, 4 mg 4PM- Dont take Suboxone late - you will not sleep

Day 8-12    6 mg Per day 4 Mg morning, 2 mg 4PM

Day 12-16  4 mg Per day 2 Mg morning, 2 mg 4PM

Day 16-24  2 mg Per day, In the morning


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I hope this helps somebody out there, remember your not alone :D