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I'm on birth control but I started my pack late last month and took 2 or 3 other pills late in that pack. My boyfriend and I don't use condoms.

Here are my symptoms and how long they've been occuring.

---Losing more hair than usual – 3 weeks
---Change in eyesight due to enlarged cornea – 3 weeks
---Extremely vivid dreams – 3 weeks
---Runny nose – 3 weeks
(the ones above I noticed and thought it was weird, but thought nothing of pregnancy. I only now know that they could be symptoms.)

---Late, light period with no red blood, only brown – about a week ago
------Filled about one pad total from Saturday to Tuesday
------Watery brown discharge spilling out once on Tuesday morning and once Thursday afternoon
---Diarrhea ONLY, no other form of BM– 1 week
---Smell of mayonnaise, usually a food I love, is revolting. the rest of my family swears it smells normal – 2 weeks
---Light cramping in lower abdomen – a little over a week, every single day
---Extreme gassiness all day – 1 week or so
---Morning nausea that goes away after eating – only once, last Thursday
---Sleep changes - about a week
------Sleeping a lot, once last week I missed all my classes and didn't wake up until my brother forced me awake
------Waking up many during the night/early morning
---Strong smelling urine – started a week ago but it's seemed to go away
---Change in areolas – noticed a few days ago
------Darkened bumps on them which are usually the same color. They seem larger as well, I think they're called Montgomery glands.
------Possibly getting larger and less defined…the “border” between areola and the rest of the breast is getting fuzzy
------I can't tell if the whole breast is larger or not, but it's not sore

---Low grade fever - the past few days, though I didn't take my temp before that. Somewhere between 99.1-99.8 F

I've bolded the ones that are worrying me the most, as some of these could be from stress. But I've taken multiple tests of 3 different brands in the past week, and they've all been negative. What should I do? I know that there's only a small chance of pregnancy because of birth control and the negative tests, but I've heard so many stories about getting pregnant on the pill, and also ones about not having a positive result until they were 8 weeks pregnant or went in for a blood test.


Personally i would go to the doctors and have a blood test taken, these results are usually back the next day - this will ease your worries hopefully...