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HI! My mother is suffering for years now of mild to moderate depression and she treats it well with antidepressants but my question is if heart defects are relating to depression. The fact is that my mom had a heart attack 20 days ago and she’s now even more depressed. As I was explained she has low heart rate variability and this is what caused her heart attack but I think somehow this heart defect is related to depression. Is there anyone who knows something about this?


I am not sure if I could be of help, but my mom had exact the same problem with her heart rate variability and she also suffer from depression. First of all I need to give you some info that are of vital importance- the thing is that it is well known that heart defects and depression are related but it’s not proven on what bases this relation stands, anyway depressed people that have experienced a heart attack are at very high risk to face the death soon after the heart attack. So you better keep your eye on your mom for it’s more likely she’ll now get even more depressed than she usually is meaning she won’t be that regular in taking medications which could increase the chances for further heart defects. So it is proven that depressed people are more likely to develop heart defects such as low heart rate variability which may lead to serious condition. I could advice to try with special diet that consists of plenty of fish for the important here is intakes of omega-3 fatty acids that is proven to reduce the risk of coronary diseases and other heart defects. For now you could provide your mom also omega-3 supplements by the food but I think that there’re some researches in progress that are investigating the possibility of producing some antidepressants in combination with omega-3 pills alike that will reduce the risk of getting heart defects in depressed people. So for now, take care of your mom in further period especially in first 3 or 4 months for it’s the period that is the most risky for the depressed people that have some heart defects and even heart attack.


Hi there!

I couldn't help but reply. I did--suffer from depression until recently. I'm going to make this short but factual!

I come from a predisposed family history of depression. In denial for years I wouldnt' take meds. I started effexor almost one year ago.
I can't tell you how many times I thought there's got to be another way. I went through a horrible mentally abusive marriage for an intense year. Thereafter, I was a wreck. I couldn't think, make decisions, focus, care you name it. On effexor I felt horrible for the first while but I believed I needed it. Long story short. DRUGS are not the answer. I have found this new fruit called "mangosteen". I have really looked into different cleanses etc. Nothing is for free. Everything requires effort. Your mother can DO THIS!! I stopped my medication now almost 3 weeks ago under the care of my doctor. My feelings of suicide, depression you name it...came back at me like a boom-a-rang 10fold. I was fired recently becuase I couldn't drive or focus from the dizzy spells. These medications have adverse side effects. If it was not for XANGO mangosteen I wouldn't be here. This juice taken just 3x a day is the queen of fruits and your mothers heart and soul will be showered with feelings of "WELL BEING" I never knew. Please check it out!! Since I have divorced my depression and my x husband X seems to be the lucky letter.

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