I got diagnosed with C diff in July of 2013; I was put on Flagyl quite a few times until October it finally cleared up I hit a depression ; so AS i was taking these pills I wasnt eating with the Flagyl and taking them up to 4 times in 24 Hours; my skin started getting oily; my diahrea improved but not until I was put on Effexor ; than my stool started forming; I have been on Effexor at this time for 3 weeks and I hate the Lump feelin gin my throat like a sore esophagus and couldnt eat or swallow anything; After my C diff was cleared up I was frightened to death that it was going to come back again because the pain i was having my stomach; So that drove me to anxiedty than when I got the lump feeling and sore esophagus I started panicking because I am clostraphobic; and my anxxiety kicked in; they have given me ativan after ativan to keep me calm and praying and hoping that this works for me ; with the effexor; but i think it is hurting me more Ive had every test done in the world and the only thing that came back was the GERD and Hiatal Hernia that I have; I did have chest pains through this and my whole left side of my body went numb and tingly; I have never had heart burn in my life only when I was pregnant; I STILL dont have heart burn; I dont and never have drank anything really acidity; I drink mostly and mainly water ; and milk;  Now ive been on these effexor pills and I feel like im just numb and grtting so much pain in my stomach I have been given perkacets for pain and they dont even help as well as I have been given Morphine through iv in the hospital and all it did was make me high the pain was still there but it didnt go away; I also have been taking Pantaprazole 40 mg for  a while now and it seems like it lessons a little bit the pain doesnt go away when I take the effexor everyone is saying that it is my Anxiety but I dont believe it is; I think these pills are depressing me more than anything; and the stomach pain doesnt stop as soon as I take them and my esophagus gets really sore; its driving me to anxiety becaise I think that there is something wrong with me and no one else seems to; Please help me !!! im four months like this I need some answers I have two Beautiful children that I adore; I am aware that I have hit depression Im aware that I have had depression but its coming to the point where I can even drive now; Im really getting more depressed days and days I feel like I want to die and the pain and the heartache just END. I have so many people that just done understand how im feeling I have the DRYEST tongue ever; I lost 38 pounds in stantly through all of this in the first 2 months and Ive literally hit rock bottoml; Becauswe of this ive detached myself from everyone I love because I just feel like I am going to die because of whatever is going on with me. Could it be that the FLAGYL* eat away at my stomach lining and now i get inflamed everytime I take effexor ; Im finally eating now and I feel amazing until i take that pill; i lowered myself down to 150 as the doctors had me on 2 pills to equal 225 Effexor; and that was hurting me way worse than this; Ive had gurgling in the stomach; bad gas; severe left abdominal pain every now and again;. Please help