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whats happening to me! i'm 16 years old and so confused! i started my period nov. 6 and ended it nov. 10 then round 19 and the 20 i start bleeding but it was just light and spotted on the 20 i had sex no condom nothing and i'm not on the pill and i'm bout 100% sure cum came out around the 22 of nov. i got a UTI and took so pregnant okay meds. because the doctor said sound like implations bleeding then one dec. 4 i start bleeding alot and it was clumpy and dark red and due to the UTI i had lower back pain and lower tummy pain i took a pregnancy test (1st response) and it came back negative! but i did find out i had a yeast infection (taking meds. for now) i'm really lost i drink and i smoke but i haven't since nov.5 or so and since i'm only 16 i'm not trying to get pregnant i'm just really confused bout my body my parents don't noe i'm even having sex but my sister who is 19 do! i'm afraid to go to a hospital my mom friend works there! please help me i feel very alone and and for the pass week i've been thinking bout killing myself please help me THIS IS NOT A JOKE ... please i'm so lost ...THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!



Maybe you are too stresed out.
Try to relax and calm down for a moment.

It's normal for a teenage girl to have irregular period.

And you should stop smoking and drinking.
It's bad for your health (don't you know that ?)