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Can a 100% pain free procedure melt fat off of your body and diminish cellulite? I had to find out for myself. Even as an athlete, I have "trouble spots" that I want fixed. I had to know if laser lipolysis was the answer I was looking for.

New technology entices me, especially when it’s “fountain of youth” type technology. The procedures that have become available are incredible. Do you want a butt? Buy one! Do you want fillers or skin rejuvenation? You can erase some years from your face. All procedures come at a cost though. They can be both physically painful and may require recovery time, and they can be costly. Or maybe not…

What about body sculpting? It’s a painless method to melt fat that doesn’t hurt at all. You simply lie down with lasers strapped to you and melt fat off. It sounds almost too good to be true.

Is it?

I had to find out if really worked and decided to experiment on myself.

What is Laser Lipo?

Laser lipolysis is a noninvasive, or non-surgical, and non-thermal, or no heat, technique for removing stubborn fat pockets using low-level laser therapy, or LLLT.  Avci et al. (2011) says LLLT began as an idea to help with “disorders requiring reduction of pain and inflammation and stimulation of healing and tissue regeneration. Within the last decade, LLLT started being investigated as an adjuvant to liposuction, for noninvasive body contouring, reduction of cellulite, and improvement of blood lipid profile.”

Many times, inventions that are created for a specific purpose turn out to have more uses. In this case, the lasers were meant for wound healing, reduction of eczema, and alleviating pain. They were then found to be helpful in conjunction with liposuction for melting fat before the procedure and for skin tightening after the procedure.

Now these low-level lasers are used for those who don’t necessarily need or want to go through the invasive liposuction procedure.  The lasers simply penetrate energy deep into your skin tissue which melts fat and stimulates collagen and elastin production, thus causing skin to firm and tighten.

As we know, skin loses elasticity as we age. I wanted to know if LLLT might just be what I needed to give my skin a reboot.

My Stats:

I am currently a 36 year-old mother of two. I am 5’5” tall and weigh 140 lbs. I work out 5-6 days per week both cardio and weight training. My diet is reasonable, not perfect. I just retired from bodybuilding this year, so I know how to diet and exercise down to 118 lbs for stage. Diet is not an anomaly to me. However, I do not live every day of my life “stage-ready.”

I wanted to see if a laser could zap my trouble spot, my stomach, and the cellulite that forms on the back of my legs under by buttocks when I am not on strict diet. My ultimate question was, “Can laser lipo make my life easier when it comes to fighting fat?”

Let’s face it…I’m not getting any younger.

From a competitor’s standpoint, there is nothing more frustrating than being an athlete who strictly diets and exercises two or more hours per day and still has cellulite until the last couple weeks before getting on stage for competition.

Cellulite is common on all women, the tiny, skinny women included. If fact, according to Katherine Harmon, a writer for Scientific American, says it affects 90% of women and 10% of men. No matter how fit you become, you may not be able to get rid of it all.  I really want a cure for it!

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