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This started over 3 weeks after.. 
fever (No)
severe aches and pains in the joints and muscles and around the eyes (yes, leg not really severe)
generalized weakness (weakness due to nausea, not anymore)
ill appearance with warm, flushed skin and red, watery eyes (No)
headache (Yes, just began recently)
dry cough (No)
sore throat and watery discharge from your nose (I had sore throat once it went away after a day) 

Please Read

*Had protected sex the first time on February 16 then again (19 days later same guy still protected) on march 6.
*March 9 (three days later) I got my period during that time I had a yeast infection. treated it with miconazole went away by the end of my period 
*period ended on march 16. From the end of my period I began to have abdominal pains up until march 21 I sucked it up until I started to get cramps in my upper right thigh.
*I went to the emergency room on March 21. The doc said I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. (No meds for that Just ibuprofen)
On March 26 I went back to the ER because I still had pain. They just found I had a UTI coming on (e coli in urine) so they gave me Nitrofurant (100mg)
*Woke up March 30 around 5am and I was vomiting followed by a loss of appetite, dizziness, chest pains, etc. so that morning I wen to a different ER. they couldn't find anything but they look me off of the UTI medicine and put me on Levaquin (250mg).
*They called me back on March 31 and told me they found that my Liver may be swollen and maybe a little fluid around my heart. (one doc found it normal, the other didn't)... they still didn't find any source of infection (they did tons of blood work 13 different samples that day!)
*I went to the GYN on April 2. she put me on birth control to stop ovulation so my ovarian cyst wouldn't be irritated) this was followed by brown discharge.
*I went to my primary care doctor on April 3 she took me off of the birth control my period came on April 5 came off April 9 (short for me). 
April 9 I had an Ultrasound done on my chest (for liver), right Leg, and blood work.

Liver cam back normal as well as my right leg. My WBC was only slightly low.

Right now I'm still feeling cramps & sharp pains in my chest (left & right), pains in my legs (mostly right), and a little pressure on the left side of my head.

Could a ruptured ovarian cyst still affect me this long after being resolved?

I had protected sex but does this sound like HIV?!

Thank You please Help!


Have them check your galblader? It is a posability