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With just 20 minutes, you can get a truly heart-pounding exercise session in. Here are 4 routines for you to try, 2 for inside the gym, and 2 for outside. No more excuses about how little time you have!! Twenty minutes is all you need to get fit in 2017!

The age-old excuse, “I don’t have time for the gym” is the worst. Maybe you just need a gym enthusiast like me to give you a few 20-minute workouts that will make it worth your time to get somewhere, gym or outside, blast your body, and be done for the day. Not only will you incinerate calories, you will also build strength and endurance with these workouts.

20-minute Routines For Inside The Gym

My Treadmill – Tire – Sled Routine

This is a routine I made for myself a few years ago. I detest steady state cardio. It’s so BORING, so I spiced up my life with this little challenge. I challenge you to try this 20-minute fat burning treadmill routine

Most gyms come equipped with a tire, a sled, and treadmills. You will need a space, a clear straightaway, where you can flip the tire and push the sled. If that space is close to the treadmills, that’s even better. Get everything set up before you begin so you don’t take breaks to fiddle with switching tasks.

That means the tire and sled should be set up next to each other. If you are going to put weight on the sled, do it now. I usually put a 45 plate on, but if you are just beginning, you may not want the added weight. Then begin.

The Routine

  • Start out by getting on a treadmill at a very steep incline and walk at a 3.8-4.0 for 5 minutes. Steep means you need the handle bars to stay on the machine.
  • Get off the treadmill. Move quickly to the tire and flip it down the open stretch and back to the starting point.
  • Then move to the sled. Run it down the straight and back as fast as you can. The lower you’re pushing from, the more glute/hamstring activation you will get. So, get low, push hard and fast.
  • That is round 1. Now do two more rounds, and you are done for the day.

Bike-Weighted Overhead Lunges – Butt Kickers

Find a stationary bike close to an open space where you could do 10-15 lunges one way. If you must, move one of the stationary bikes to a space to make this feasible. The staff won’t mind as long as you put the bike back when you are done.

Once you have the bike near a straightaway, the only other equipment you need is a 25lb plate, or whatever weighted plate you are comfortable with. Set it next to the bike on the floor. You will be lunging with the plate over your head, so make sure you start with a weight you can handle or start with no weight at all, if you are a complete fitness beginner.

The Routine

  • Begin by pedaling on a stationary bike. Set the resistance so that you are working but not struggling. You will ride the bike for 2 minutes.
  • At the two minute mark, step off the bike, grab your plate, lift it over your head and lock your elbows.
  • Complete the overhead lunges down the straightaway (10-15 lunges).
  • Bring the weight down and hug it tightly against your chest.
  • Do butt kickers back to the bike. Set the plate down.
  • Get back on the bike for the next 2 minute ride.
  • Repeat this eight times.
  • No breaks. Keep the cycle going.
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