I started dating my first boyfriend who I actually had a sex life with January of 2010. Right around when I met him, I started getting bad urinary tract infections and vaginosis. But also close to around the time that I met him, I started the Depo Provera shot. For the whole year of 2010, I had UTI's and bacterial infections constantly... if it wasn't one, it was the other. I was always in excruciating pain. The doctors prescribed me every drug on the chart except for Bactrim, which I'm allergic to. After about ten months of the shot, the infections went away for about two months. Now, I've lost my health insurance so my dose of Depo Provera was skipped. The infections have been back since about a week after the shot was overdue, my head has been spinning so badly; my whole world sways, spins, flips and turns- In turn, I get incredible nausea. I've had very sore breasts, incredible mood swings, terrible nervousness and anxiety and also complete despair all the time for no reason. I've had headaches, cramps, the whole nine yards. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.
First, I wanted to know if anyone else had symptoms like these when starting a new sex life, coming on or off the Depo Provera, had constant infections... anything useful.
And second, I wanted to know, if other people have had these problems, what helped you ease the pain and symptoms?

I'm thinking the recent symptoms are maybe withdrawl from the hormone in the Depo Provera but I need some RELIEF from these terrible symptoms. And I'm also afraid that now that I'm off the shot, there will be another pH imbalance and I will get the constant infections again.