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I am a 27 year old female with my last period 2/11/07. My husband and I decided to stop the pill in hopes of conceiving later on this year, not expecting to conceive now. I have missed my period, but feel cramping like it is going to begin. My last pregnancy test 4 days ago was negative. Any thoughts? Can I be pregnant and tested too early, or is this a side effect of stopping the pill?


Hey there...Actually, you can get pregnant quite quickly after stopping the pill, within a month, I'd say. I come from a very fertile family, though, so, this can vary from person to person.

Just the fact that they tell you to use a back-up method if you miss two or more pills, should alone tell you the chance is always imagine if you stopped altogether!

However, cramping and a messed-up period time does typically occur, as it always has for me when I'd start and stop the pill. Your body is trying to readjust to the hormonal change you just inflicted on it, after all. In fact, I am dealing with that as we speak. Your body will need time to adjust; I'd give it a 2nd months' time and retest.