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hi everyone.
I stopped my birth control maybe 2 to three weeks ago maybe more im not totally sure, and since then me and my boyfriend have been having un protected sex, the most recent dates of sex were, 3/10/07 and maybe a few days later then on the 16 or 17th and the 19th it is now the 20th and ive been off birth control all of those times, my period is due after this week, ive been having some signs of pregnancy like increased appetite and some nausea and cramps and i also have had some thick eggy mucus looking stuff too but i dont know... but im also afraid that i wont be pregnant because my boyfriend smokes weed atleast every day to every other day but he hasnt been smoking weed for a long time he is 20 and maybe has been smoking it since he was 16 or so. im afraid this wont let me become pregnant and he drinks every once in a while. i really want to be pregnant. i do not smoke or anything of the sort or drink. is there a possibility i could be pregnant or should i try some more before my period is supposed to be here?

please help me.


It always best to wait till you have at least 2 normal periods before trying to concieve after stopping birth control....This is so your body can adjust after stopping bc..Also doing illegal drugs can lower sperm count, if you can get him to stop, this can give your baby a healier life, without having birth defects or other complications...Also you can start taking prenatal vitamins, its proven that if you take them before pregnancy this can help prevent birth defects, such as spina bifida and others.....Wish you luck