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Ok I'm currently on birth control pills [ortho tryciclen lo if that helps at all]

im not TTC now but will start in January 2009

My question is how long should it take me to conceieve after stopping? Fertility is not an issue for me because im young [under 25] and have conceived accidentally a few months ago [it was the wrong time but I want to be a I'm being smart this time around by PLANNING what im going to do first]. Also, does the fact that my mother conceived my older sister the month after stopping birth control mean that after I stop, I'll concieve faster?

I plan to have sex three times a week from the day of my last period until when i expect the next one to start [4 weeks later] that enough? I heard sex three times a week means you will catch ovulation.

Please and thank you in advance.

The reason I'd have sex 3 times a week is because after stopping birth control, your cycles will be messed up for awhile so ovulation can occur at any time [and more than once I've heard a few times ! ]

Also, when I get off in Jnaury 2009, I will have been on it for a year if that helps too.


You can get pregnant the moment you stop taking your pills. Being on the pills doesn't make you more prone to getting pregnant.

There is no need to have sex three times a week (although it sounds good :)) to catch ovulation. If your cycle is regular, you can calculate your ovulation.


It is said that it takes up to a year for a healthy couple to get pregnant, so I don't think you should be getting fussy about the whole process but relax and actually enjoy it. They say that the process of making a baby is just wonderful.