Hello, I'm new! My name is karla & I am 20 years old. I've been on the nuva ring for a couple of years and love it. I have never had any problems with it! I have always taken it out and put it in on the exact day I am supposed to. I am sexually active.

I got my period on Monday Jan 5th, & it ended that Thursday. ( a normal cycle for Me)

That friday the 9th I started getting mild to severe cramps, and nausea, my cramps started hurting so bad I ended up sleeping, for 19 hours!
Ever since my period has ended I have had cramps, nausea, fatigue & my boobs are extermly sore on the perimiter of them. ( the outer edges starting from my arm pitts, down around) but the center of my breasts haven't hurt.

My ring placement is fine, and I haven't had a change in diet or anything. I am also not constipated. I should get my period Monday feb 2nd, and my boobs hurt badly. I usually only have sore breasts a couple days before my period.

I think that's about all of my symptoms, if anyone has any idea, or have had anything similar I would love to hear your opinions!

( sorry if this is the wrong forum)

Thanks in advance :-(