So i was taking Cymbalta for 6 months at 60 strength for a number of issues, nerve pain due ti a pertrudig disk in my sciatic nerve, depression and fibro myalgia, it didnt do much for my nerve pain but mentally I loved it. I felt fantastic, like a door in my brain that was closed was now opened up. It gave me motivation to get up off my ass and helped me to start excercising and eat right and I lost 25 lbs which was great, but due to the fact that it is $150 FOR 30 PILLS, I can no longer afford it. So I tried to stop cold turkey when I ran out. Well big mistake I am on day 5 of no meds and I am a wreck, I am so dizzy I cannot go to work or drive, I also keep having heart palpitations and it is really scaring me. Feeling very desperate and anxious. I hate this feeling,